Every maintenance shutdown is a blow to your bottom line. Revolutionary FerroCer® impact wear panels are designed to have the absolute lowest total cost of ownership on the market and can run for longer than a year before requiring routine maintenance. Watch the video and read the case story to learn more.

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Made of the right stuff

Product manager for Wear and Thermal at FLSmidth Danny Baric knew if he could find the right combination of ceramic and steel he could make a revolutionary new impact wear panel.

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Tough, innovative design

Each FerroCer panel comprises a set of abrasion-resistant ceramic inserts enclosed in a matrix of malleable steel. The matrix ensures only the top surface of the inserts is exposed to material impact.


FerroCer features

  • Low weight and compact shape
  • Available in two versions: Standard and Edge
  • Single bolt installation
  • No specialised tools required
  • No installation training required